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  • Information about the artist

    • 1984 born in Bad Saarow/Berlin, Germany
    • 1989 til 2003, schools in Viersen, Germany
    • 2000 til 2001, high school in Dallas, Texas
    • 2004 til 2009, studies of communication design (which involves all media and art direction) at FH Düsseldorf (now HSD PBSA), Germany – thesis project “Moment”
    • 2006 NYC
    • 2008 ARC Awards: Gold for annual report cover photography and bronze for photography (again in 2010)
    • 2010 exhibition of »Panography« in Paris (see art gallery section), nominated for Prix Arcimboldo
    • 2010 til 2014, founder & CEO Lumio GmbH, an online software created to smoothen the communication of photographers and their clients.
    • 2010 til 2016, exhibitions in Lumas galleries worldwide
    • 2010 exhibition »Moment« in Dortmund
    • 2010 exhibition »Panography« in Paris
    • 2011 exhibition »Analog Panography« in Cologne, 4010 Ehrenstraße
    • 2013 exhibition »Panografie in der Architektur« at VDI in Düsseldorf
    • 2013 »Conservatory« photo plate series
    • Now living and working in Cologne, Germany with my husband and two boys.

    I do photo productions. This means I do photography as well as photo production services for national and international clients, including art direction, casting, booking of make-up/hair & styling, location scouting and retouching services.

    Everything involving photography has been my passion since the late 1990s.

    The most exciting thing to me is working on projects that involve the construction of ideas and their execution until the end. Being a designer helps me approach the subject from a broader scope and keep the overview in mind.

    I work worldwide, but spend most of my time in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany, where I have a functional network of make-up artists and models, in Berlin and New York City.

    My artist representation is The Verbatim Photo Agency for worldwide assignments (see section below), but I also like to be booked directly. Furthermore, I produce photo series for Getty Images and Westend61, as well as Image Source on a regular basis.


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  • Press photos / PDF portfolios

    The following high-res press photos are available:

  • Quotes

    • Fischinger […] is indebted […] to an artistic realism and thus creates her own original works.

    • Mareen has talent, brains, many facets and a visual language that you just have to love. She creates images that you like to look at for more than a minute and this is the greatest compliment towards a photographer.

      Gerald Staufer of Westend61

    • Super-creative photographers with really strong organisational skills are a rare breed. Mareen Fischinger is one of those.

      David Shalam of Studio 2br

    • Mareen knows exactly what she wants from a model and can directly implement it into her photos. This professionalism makes collaboration very easy. When she shoots, she does it with all her heart and transfers that passion to us so we feel very comfortable in front of her lens.

      Alexia Assad, professional dancer and photo model

    • Despite tight schedules there is always a relaxed atmosphere at shoots with Mareen. We love working with her and are convinced of the professional results.

    • Mir gefallen deine Arbeiten so ausgesprochen gut, weil sie nie gestellt wirken. Weil sie zeigen, was ist, aber immer auch Raum lassen, für eigene Interpretation und Gedankenreisen. Und vor allem weil sie Emotionen wecken. Keine reinen “Fotos” eben.

      Jenny Prinz, art collector

    • Mareen photographed our installation Das Haus, a prototype of our perfect home. Beautifully recording the spirit of our project, Mareen captured the spatial narrative, the depth of materials and the richness of the work. The closest experience we have to returning to Das Haus is turning to Mareen’s photographs of the project.

      Jonathan Levien, designer of Doshi Levien (Das Haus)

    • Mareen’s high level professionalism combined with incredible ease during the entire process result in awesome photos.

      Peter Pasalk, CEO of Bureau Bleen

  • Art galleries / Artist representation

    Verbatim Photo Agency
    New York City / London

    Please contact Mareen Fischinger first at or call +49-170-3238748

    Giesebrechtstraße 20
    10629 Berlin
    F +49 (0) 30 303069 69

    Exhibiting »Panography« from autumn 2010, in Lumas galleries worldwide and online.
    Currently some remainder in stock.

    Galerie Bailly Contemporain
    25, quai Voltaire
    75007 Paris
    T +33 (0) 1 / 42 60 36 47

    Exhibition »Panography«: February 19 til March 20, 2010

    Top 100 photographers on the web, nominated 2017

    Deutschlands Beste Fotografen 2017/2018

    Umfang: 656 Seiten, Format: 250 × 320 mm
    Verarbeitung: Hardcover, Schutzumschlag, Fadenheftung, 2 Lesebänder, Veredelungen auf Bezug und Schutzumschlag
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2017 (Veröffentlichung: 30. Oktober 2017)
    ISBN: 978-3-939028-51-2
    Verlag: NBVD, Potsdam & Hamburg
    Preis: 49,90 EUR

    Photographer of Germany’s best image agency Westend61 (since 2004)

    Contributor at Getty Images (since 2006)

  • Contact

    Studio Mareen Fischinger
    Herbert-Lewin-Str. 3c
    50931 Köln / Cologne

    M +49 (0) 170 / 32 38 748

    Ust-IdNr.: DE253013416

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